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Our goal here at Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA, Massachusetts, is to provide our customers with access to the best sales, service and repair for all the leading wheelchair accessible mobility vehicles, left foot gas pedals, hand controls and devices that can offer them greater freedom and independence. We are your adaptive dealer and offer a full line of wheelchair accessible vans, and we have a team of Certified Mobility Consultants who are always ready to help you learn about the benefits and features of full sized handicap vans, new and used wheelchair vehicles, Ricon lifts, and more.

The Left Foot Accelerator, like model 3545S, is an accelerator pedal for persons with limited or no use of the right leg requiring them to drive with their left leg. It is equipped with a guard to prevent the driver from inadvertently resting their right foot on the accelerator pedal. The Left Foot Accelerator incorporates a quick release mechanism and is easily removable without tools.

LFA The (LFA) was designed for the driver that has lost control of only his right foot.

Left Foot Accelerator By Automotive Innovations is a  leader in design & quality. The (LFA) is extremely adjustable allowing it to be used in virtually any vehicle. The (LFA) is also equipped with a quick disconnect allowing (LFA) to be released and removed from the vehicle when not in use. Only the mounting plate is permanently mounted to the floor.

A left foot accelerator pedal device which allows persons lacking sufficient functionality of the right foot or right leg to operate a motor vehicle accelerator pedal using their left foot. The device incorporates an accelerator pedal activator which engages the motor vehicle accelerator pedal and is operable attached by a main shaft to a left side accelerator pedal. The main shaft is supported by a base unit which is removable attached to a base plate affixed to the vehicle floor. By depressing left side accelerator pedal a person lacking functionality of the right foot may operate the vehicle while the device may be easily removed from base plate allowing a person of normal functionality to operate the vehicle.

Automotive Innovations is New England’s premier mobility controls dealer. A Quick Release Left Foot Gas Pedal with Pedal Guard allows the driver to accelerate with the left foot. This pedal is installed on the left side and is mechanically linked to the original manufacturers pedal. The Pedal Guard shields the original pedal thereby making it inoperable. This quality crafted pedal is fully adjustable. The lightweight design of the pedal along with its quick release feature makes it quick and easy to remove and install, as the Left Foot Accelerator Pedal with Pedal Guard slides in and out of a base that is bolted to the floor. This makes the a Left Foot Accelerator Pedal with Pedal Guard is a smart choice.

Pedal Extensions

Automotive innovations gas and brake pedal extensions adjust to allow 6″ to 12″ or longer if necessary of extended reach. Made of durable lightweight aluminum or steel, Pedal Extensions provide comfortable driving after installation. Pedal Extensions fold down out of the way to allow other persons to operate the vehicle. Pedal extensions must be installed by authorized dealers. They fit most American cars and vans. Call now for more information on price and available appointment times.

Left Foot Gas Pedal

Designed for people with limited or no use of their right foot, the quick release left foot gas pedal enables those drivers to utilize their left foot for gas operation. The pedal can be installed in any vehicle with an automatic transmission. No adjustments are necessary after installation, and the unit can easily be removed to allow other drivers to operate the vehicle. A pedal stop is part of the unit, and will not allow the right foot to inadvertently apply throttle.

Block Pedal Extensions

Our pedal extensions are fabricated from structural aluminum tubing with a non-skid surface. They have adjustable slots for two stainless steel clamps that go around the gas and brake pedals (can also be modified for clutch pedal extensions). Standard sizes range from 1″ to 4″ high. This is a semi-permanent installation.

Custom Foot Pedal Extensions

Automotive Innovations carries a full line of custom gas, brake, and clutch pedal extensions for all driver’s needs.

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Left-Foot Gas Pedals:

Your vehicle can be modified to allow you to use your left foot to control the gas pedal. This modification is designed for quick installation and removal so your vehicle can be shared with other drivers not in need of this adaptation.

  1. MPD(Mobility Products Design)

Foot Controls

3545 Foot Control Left Foot Accelerator
Meets or exceeds VA specifications
Our Left Foot Accelerator is easily installed and easy to remove for other drivers. It allows you to use your left foot to accelerate, while the pedal guard protects the right accelerator.

3570 Accelerator Guard
Meets or exceeds VA specifications
This product protects you from inadvertently resting your foot on the accelerator. It installs quickly and easily and it mounts on the same base bracket as the left foot accelerator pedal. It’s also detachable, so other drivers can use your vehicle. It is recommended for use with hand controls.

3571 Accelerator/Brake Guard
Meets or exceeds VA specifications
This control prevents the driver from inadvertently pressing the accelerator or brake pedal or placing a foot underneath either pedal.

3572 Accelerator/Brake Guard Lowered Floor
Meets or exceeds VA specifications
This control prevents the driver from inadvertently pressing the accelerator or brake pedal or placing a foot underneath either pedal. Used in lowered floor minivans.

3573 Accelerator/Brake Guard
Meets or exceeds VA specifications
This control prevents the driver from inadvertently pressing the accelerator or brake pedal or placing a foot underneath either pedal. Has more clearance then our Standard Accelerator/Brake Guard.

4400AB Accelerator & Brake Pedal Extensions by Veigel
Meets or exceeds VA specifications
Utilizing the same quick release system as the pedal guard, our pedal extensions can be removed in seconds with out the use of tools. Also available for brake/clutch.

4571T Accelerator/Brake Guard with Trim by Veigel
Meets or exceeds VA specifications
An important safety element that prevents unintentional use of pedals. The Veigel Pedal Guard solution is stylish and safe. This pedal guard can be removed in seconds with out the use of tools when an ambulatory driver uses the vehicle.

Foot Pedal Guard Adjustable Mounting Pedestal
Meets or exceeds VA specifications
Foot Pedal Guard Adjustable Mounting Pedestal for Lowered Floor Vans

Left Foot Accelerator with Electronic

Get back in the Game…

Reduced Liability

Sure Grip’s new Left Foot Accelerator with electronic was developed to limit if not eliminate your liability. By all but eliminating any chance the device can be used by anyone other than the intended user.


Sure Grip’s unique 15 second activation window only allows the accelerator to be activated for 15 seconds after vehicles start up. The accelerator will not engage after 15 seconds without a restart of the engine.


Sure Grip’s new accelerator is permanently mounted, eliminating the need for removal of the device to prevent unwanted usage. The accelerator mounts from above, and no longer requiring holes to be drilled in the floor of your clients vehicle. The OEM accelerator is manipulated via simple cable system.

Smart Design

The new Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator is constructed from rugged plastics and aluminum allowing for a light weight device. The overall unit is dramatically reduced in size versus tradition removable accelerators, all parts of the incredible smooth and sensitive pedal feel.

Gas & Brake Pedal Extenders:

Sitting too close to a driver-side airbag is not only uncomfortable, but dangerous as well!  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recommend that drivers be seated as far away from the steering wheel of the vehicle they’re driving as possible.  A common rule of thumb is to have a distance of no less than 10” between the wheel and the driver.  Sitting closer than this can put you at a higher risk of injury if you’re in an accident and you airbag deploys.

While the option exists to disconnect your airbag, doing so renders one of your vehicle’s most important and effective safety features useless.  Fortunately, with pedal extenders from Main Mobility, you can drive safely and confidently!  Our gas, brake and clutch pedal extenders offer a safe, simple and inexpensive alternative for those who are of short stature, pregnant, or have back, hip or knee problems.

Gas, brake & clutch pedal extenders are ideal for those who are:

  1. •Of short-stature (2’6” – 5’2” tall)
  2. •Overweight
  3. •Have arthritis of the ankle and toes
  4. •Weak in transferring from gas to brake pedal
  5. •Have back, knee or hip problems
  6. •Pregnant – sitting to close to the steering wheel
  7. •Have Go-Karts or ATV’s

Pedal extenders come in all different sizes from 1 inch to 12 inches.  Contact one of our mobility consultants for the pedal extender that’s best for you!